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GTMat Automotive Sound Insulation


Got Rattles, Road Noise, Vibrations? Would like to improve the sound quality of your vehicle? GTMAT has done all the work for you in creating this one of a kind High Performance Sound Deadener. Compare our features to the competition and you will be convinced GTMAT is the BEST value for your Automotive Noise/Vibration Needs!


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GT Sound Control

Welcome to GTMAT Sound Control, Your #1 Source for top quality Sound Deadening Material.

Is your ride full of rattles and road noise? Do your panels buzz when the bass drops? You've spent your hard earned cash on an audio system that rules the neighborhood, now give your car the power of GTMAT Automotive Sound Deadener!



Proven to reduce unwanted noise and increase bass quality, GTMAT High-Performance products are the new standard for Discount Sound Dampening. Just one layer of our GTMAT Deadener is enough to double your stereo output quality, at nearly half the cost of the leading brand! 


Not only will you hear an amazing improvement in sound quality, but you will FEEL it as well! GTMAT makes your ride feel more solid, and helps block heat transfer, turning your humble ride into a righteous sound machine!


When it comes to choosing a discount sound deadener, we know you have a choice. When you choose GTMAT, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! All of our products come with a 90 day money-back guarantee and a lifetime product warranty!

Still need convincing? Check our feedback, view our videos, buy in confidence that you are protected by our GTMAT 100% Guarantee!



Why Choose GTMAT ?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Product Warranty
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Toll Free Phone Support : 1-800-GT-SOUND
  • Everything Is In Stock, Ready to Ship
  • All Products Are Insured For Delivery
  • PayPal Verified
  • THE Best Sound Deadener Value on The Market Today
  • See How GTMat Compares


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GTMAT Features

  • Impressive Bass Improvement
  • Nominal 50/80 Mil Thick
  • 4 Mil Aluminum Shield
  • High-Temp Superior Adhesion
  • Kill Unwanted Noise, Rattles, Vibrations
  • Reduce Distortion
  • Reduce Exhaust and Engine Noise
  • Easy Application
  • Flexible, Plyable, Malleable
  • Overlap Layers for Additional Vibration Dampening
  • Use Anywhere - Doors, Trunks, Side Panels, Hoods, Roofs, Firewalls, Floors
  • Paintable Surface
  • Patented Rubberized Compound
  • Durable, Waterproof, Permanent
  • Adheres to Most Any Surface Instantly
  • Sound AND Heat Insulation
  • Massive DB & SPL Gains
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Tested, Proven, Guaranteed
  • Toll Free Support 1-855-GT-SOUND


GTMAT Products are in-stock and ready to ship! All orders ship the same business day if ordered before 3pm CST. Call us TOLL-FREE at 1-855-GT-SOUND for order questions